Repairing Medical Equipment

By | September 28, 2017

One of the toughest experiences that you have when you are managing a major hospital or medical establishment is knowing when to buy new medical equipment, or when to get the existing items repaired. Of course, every major facility needs enough stock so they are not in a position where one or two missing items is going to create a panic. So you are going to end up buying a lot of supplies during the initial period, and every year or so to ensure that stock is being maintained. But then it is a question of whether to repair or buy again.

We are firm believers that when it comes to expensive items, such as endoscopes or harmonic scalpels, you are going to want to use the repair option. The reason why we are of this opinion is because endoscope or harmonic scalpel repair is a lot cheaper than having to buy the item again. It is simply a matter of looking at the costs and the benefits, and realizing that getting an item repaired will save you a good amount of money. Now you may think that the repair savings for one item is not too much – and you are right. But a hospital will not just need one endoscope or scalpel repaired, they will need many repaired over time.

So when you add up those savings over every six months or a year, you will see that you are saving a huge amount of money for the facility by going with the repair option. The best thing that we can suggest for you is to contact a repair company that operates in your area, and ask them to give you a list of items they are happy to repair – and the attached repair costs. Then you can figure out what items are best to repair – and what you can buy again!